Creating a press release for your handmade business

A press release is an announcement about something big that your company is offering or sharing with the audience. It is meant for media so that it can be shared around and made a headline or news, for people to read and pay attention to. With endless ways of marketing being introduced in the business world, press release is an oldie but still stands out. If you have a good budget then there is nothing better than hiring a professional press release writer as they know what to write, how to make it attractive and there are not grammar or spelling mistakes expected. But if you are writing it on your own; then that is fine too. Just make sure that you follow the guidelines to make it professional and noticeable.


If you have a small, handmade business, there is nothing to worry about. You can still use a press release to gather publicity or media attention. It is not about the size of your business, it is about the story that you are planning to share with the audience. Here are some simple tips from NewswireNEXT that help a handmade business to create a press release that gets noticed and the required publicity too.

1. Decide your purpose:

The basic objective of a press release is that it must have a purpose. It has to announce something and every business has something to share with the audience. A handmade, small business can share its opening, new services, unique products or collaboration or anything exciting with the audience. Make it important so that you can engage bloggers and other media channels towards it. If you are writing about collaboration, then make a joint press release to gather more attention.

2. Layout Creation:

Once the purpose has been defined, you need to create the layout. The best thing to do is to fit your press release within one page and that is the ideal layout. But it can go on to two pages too. Make your design aesthetical by all means and make sure that it matches the theme of your small, handmade business. The best part about handmade businesses is that they have a lot of photography and aesthetics involved and have creativity at peak. This can make the layout flow in a very wonderful theme.

3. Visual and Texts:

The text is very important and must be free from any grammatical or spelling error. Make sure that the headline is intriguing enough and is precise. Also, don’t forget the 5 W’s (why, when, where, what and who) because that will answer everything for the reader. Adding visuals attracts people and they look really aesthetical too. Make sure that you caption your image with a strong quote. Make sure that the caption is just one line.

4. Proofread:

The big issue for small businesses is that they are checked a lot before a publication company decides to publish them. Make sure that you don’t leave any error in it. Proof read it as many times as you can to ensure perfect writing, without any flaw.

5. Send it out:

Once your press release is all done, it is time to send it out. You can do so through an email, on your own or tell someone to do it for you. Send it out to those who will be interested in it. It is best to send these via online means because you will save a lot of costs by avoiding the immense copies that you will require for sending them out.

6. Analyze:

Analyzing your results is very important. Dig deep into he details of how much coverage your press release got and if it did not get enough, then why didn’t it? Looking into details will help you in improving your business and making your next press release stand out.