Multiple Streams Of Income – How To Leverage On Technology To Make You Easy Money & Save Time

In my previous articles, I have strongly encouraged the concept of multiple income. In our uncertain economy with no job security, multiple streams of income is a MUST. Now, it does not matter what you have been doing with your life, or what you do for a living. Chances are, you have probably learned something. You will probably even have a story to tell, even from your failures. You may not realize what it is yet, but I guarantee you, there is definitely something you know that others will be willing to PAY to have YOU teach them.

Now with this information content in hand, how will you like me to share with you a unique opportunity to leverage on technology to make easy money and save time? This definitely helps, because now you know something that someone else does not know. Let me show you now how technology can help save you much time and earn money easily!

1) Make use of text- to- audio software

Do you know that you can easily convert text into audio materials? In our current day and age, people are extremely mobile and time- pressed. There is an increasing population of people relying on audio materials to learn. Imagine the vast amount of potential customers you can serve when you convert your text into audio materials!

In fact, in the Macintosh Operating System, there is a built-in Text to Speech converter. One use of the Text to Speech feature is as a screen reader for those whose vision is impaired, but the speech program can also create audiobooks from any text file. You could convert a presentation to an audio file and listen to it on the way, in order to prepare for the speech. There are many public domain books out on the Internet, and if you have e- books you would rather listen to instead of read, converting those to audiobooks is a cinch. Using Automator, a powerful and simple scripting tool in the Mac operating system, you will be able to create a “plug-in” that will create an audio file in the format that you can play on an iPod or most other media players.

For others who are not using the MAC operating system, alternatives can be found online. AT&T Lab has been exploring to deliver the best natural sounding computer voices! Now, do you know which is the best website that has Text to Speech voices easily available? I will share this secret with you on my blog. This certainly represents the cutting edge. In the website which I will introduce, you can even check out the samples to hear. You will be amazed at just how good your computer can sound. Remember, the importance in selecting a good text to audio software is choosing a speaker with a lovely voice, not one that drones your listeners to sleep.

2) Make use of audio- to- text software

Instead of hiring a professional transcriber, you can leverage of audio- to- text software which will do a professional job at half the cost! For excellent transcriber software, you can find this in my blog which will share a popular technology website. This established website for people who are interested in the latest in technology, complete with both the professional and users reviews to give you a balanced view. By making use of such software, you no longer have to spend additional effort and time to prepare text materials!

3) PDF and make professional e- books

You have the content ready. Now, apart from the above mentioned tips, you can start working on professional looking e- books, all with the click of a PDF button. Install the PDF function and you can also make lots of money by packaging your knowledge. Once you have your professional e- book ready, you can mail it to your mailing list that may have a few thousand people, at almost no cost.
In conclusion, start experimenting with ideas and turn them into e- books, audio materials which costs less than nothing to produce, workbooks, reports and a host of other formats that will convey the knowledge you have to offer. With cheap technology easily available today, it is getting easier than ever to do. Make money easily by leveraging on the available technology now!

This article has shown you that all you need is a great idea! With the advent of technology, you can easily explore other mediums that have you save time and more importantly, make money. Your exposure to your audience has now increase tremendously. Imagine, instead of just an e- book, reaching out to 1000 audience, you can now use e- book and audio materials, with one click and reach out to twofold or threefold audience. In fact, there is no limit, for the world is your oyster!