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Office phone systems differ a great deal from the standard phone seen in most homes. They often involve the installation of multiple phone lines that terminate in one location. These phone lines are then connected to the phone system for distribution to multiple extensions.

When shopping for office phone systems, the number of extensions and call volume play a large role in the size and type of system that is needed. For small offices, many large phone system manufacturers have small systems that are designed for offices for 20 or less users. For large businesses, an enterprise wide solution involves connecting one or more office locations into one phone system. This type of office phone installation can be quite complex and requires multiple phone lines in the form of T-1’s or specialized circuits. These types of circuits are designed for high call volume and are more cost-effective when dealing with large businesses such as call centers.

In large scale operations, there are many more features that could be utilized by the business. These features are generally preferred by executives or call centers where additional functionality is needed. In addition to the basic features for small businesses, the large business will often need a more robust system were call volume is high. The system purchased for this purpose should be able to meet the demands of this high call volume and route calls quickly and efficiently Most office phone systems intended for large businesses have standard features such as call forwarding, call parking,, call monitoring and levels of security to limit which extensions can call which area codes. However, depending on the nature of the business, there are additional features that will be required.

For a small office phone installation, setup and configuration usually requires minimal effort. Once the wiring is in place and the phone company has terminated the phone lines, the office phone system can be installed and configured with the required number of extensions. Most of these systems can be configured in under two hours and then the business can begin making and receiving calls. For large installations, greater planning is needed and multiple locations are usually integrated using a phased approach. Because of the complexity of these systems, it’s preferred to validate one location is working on the new system prior to bringing on the next. In the case of a completely new system, the phased approach is less critical and all sites can be brought online at the same time.

Choosing from one of the many office phone systems will be much easier when the needs of the business are considered prior to purchase. This will help to determine which features are vital to the day to day operation and which features will improve efficiency and performance overall.

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